Novag Citrine Connecting To PC

Novag Citrine Connection

I purchased a Novag Citrine and wanted to connect it to my PC. For entering moves into SCID vs PC and Arena software. The information was mostly on the web but I found it scattered and hard to follow. So here is how I did it. Step by step.


First purchase the following hardware. If you have something and can make it work great. I know these things work.


Prolific Serial to USB.jpg

RJ12 to RS232.jpg

Plug in the pins for the SF Cable as described in the graphic below. RJ12 to RS232 Pin Outs.jpg


Ok the hardware hooked up. Next go to Windows Start menu, type the word device. Select Device Manager.


Device Manager.jpg

If your Prolific adapter is connected you should see it under Ports. Double click it. You should see the settings. Make sure they match my graphic. 57600 not 576000 as Arena has it. Next click Advanced and verify those settings. The COM Port Number can be whatever your computer assigns just make note of what it is. We will put that in our software setup.



From the SCID vs PC Tools menu. Select Connect Hardware, and Configure.

SCID Menu.jpg

In the Configure external hardware window select as shown. Use the COM port you saw in device manager for your adapter.

SCID settings.jpg

SCID Menu 2.jpg


The graphics that follow should be easy to follow.

Arena Menu.jpg

Arena Setup 1.jpg

Click Start Novag Support.

Arena Setup 2.jpg

Click the Options tab. Arena tried to set my Baud rate to 576000. Use the setting as shown except put the Com Port that matches your adapter in Device Manager.

Arena Setup 3.jpg


Under the information tab click the Get information button. It should return the info as shown.

Arena Setup 4.jpg

There are a number of commands you can send to the citrine. See the links at the end of the document for a list of commands.

Arena Setup 5.jpg


List of most of the commands:


More on commands:


Wiring Adapter Info


5 thoughts on “Novag Citrine Connecting To PC

  1. My numbering scheme for the RS232 (bought exact same one you listed) is different than what your diagram is showing. Even more: My RS 232 is numbered one way as you look toward one side and another way if you flip it around. Mine shows pin1 to be on the upper left while yours shows pin 1 to be on the upper right. If you turn mine around there is no #1 at all; so that the red wire I put into #2 on the side that has a 1, well it comes out to the hole numbered 3 on the other side and now I can’t get it back out! Even if I forced it out successfully, wouldn’t know how to start again because of the numbering. How did you ever figure out how to wire this?


    1. I pieced it together from different sources. I made the same mistake as you and had to purchase an additional connector and start over. That is why I tried to make my instructions better.


      1. I was pretty lucky on this one. Once I had committed myself by putting red into #2, well I had nothing more to lose by just continuing along that plan according to your instructions. And it turned out well, my (your) adaptor worked perfectly immediately and the rest is history. I would suggest that you put an edit in about the two numbering systems on the RS232 and revise your diagram to show #1 pin being on the left. But I thank you for your post, without which I would have no connector at all! Happy Easter!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m not sure about yours, but my Citrine is pretty flaky @ times. Do you have or know where to get the latest firmware update (from 2009 I believe)? Their website is gone.


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