Chess Online

My opinion is that the best money you will spend on chess is at You can join for free. It’s a great offer. Check it out. Few websites will give you access to so much for free. After you have gotten to know the interface and seen what they have to offer you might decide it’s worth it to have access to more features. I’m a diamond member.


For $99 a year you have access to a lot of features for your chess enjoyment and learning. One feature that alone is worth the price are the lessons. Under the Learn menu look for Lessons. Every phase of the game is covered.


Another favorite area of mine is the Share menu. Have a question you want answered about chess? The Forums are active with thousands of knowledgeable users. You can find interesting, educational, and entertaining Articles, and Blog post.


Also great features are the videos and live TV broadcasts of major events and lessons. I just don’t know where else you can get this much material for a better price. If you join friend me RMChess1954.


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